Sunday, May 1, 2011

Uniform Exchange

Our Uniform Exchange is scheduled for Saturday May 21st from 10am - 2pm and will be held in the Brookfield Central High School cafeteria. 
The following items are allowed to be sold at the Uniform Exchange:
  • Shell
  • Skirt
  • Briefs
  • Body liner
  • Cheer Shoes
  • Poms (complete pair)
Last year’s total for the entire uniform was $190. We received special pricing for the uniforms as every family in the program purchased a head-to-toe uniform package. The 2010 itemized breakdown for each piece is as follows:
  • Uniform Shell and Skirt together - $106 (separately - $58.95 Shell and $56.95 Skirt)
  • Bodyliner - $20
  • Briefs - $13
  • Shoes - $50
  • Poms - $20
* Note that prices above do not include sales tax and shipping.

Local area all-star gyms typically mandate previously owned uniforms to be sold at 50% of the new price.  However, JLC will allow each seller to set their own prices.  JLC encourages sellers to use the 50% price as a general guideline.

Download and complete the JLC Uniform Exchange Seller Inventory Form, listing each specific item you wish to sell, and your asking price.  Between now and May 20th, drop off all items you wish to sell at the Uhrle's - 335 Fairway Drive, and include the completed inventory form.  All items should be in clean condition; normal wear and tear is okay, but the items should be free of stains, rips, or tears.  Both buttons must be attached to the skirt.  Please do your best to clean and deodorize the cheer shoes.  

When you drop off the items at my house, I will confirm that I have received each item listed on your inventory form.  Each seller will be assigned a unique Seller ID number.  An index card will be created with your Seller ID number, the description of the item, and your asking price written on it, and the index card will be safety pinned to the item. 

At the Uniform Exchange, all items will be organized by type (shell, skirt, etc) and size.  Families will be able to browse through each section of items and select which piece they wish to purchase.  Families will then bring all items to the check-out table, and write out separate checks payable to each seller. 

Sellers are expected to come back to the Uniform Exchange at 2pm to collect their checks and unsold items.  Sellers will receive their checks and will need to peruse the tables to gather their unsold items.  Items that are not picked up within one week of the Uniform Exchange from my house will become property of JLC.  JLC will not be responsible for any lost or missing items on the day of the event.  JLC will also not be responsible for any checks that may be returned due to insufficient funds.

  • If you intend to participate as a seller, kindly email me to schedule a time for you to drop off your items at my house. 
  • Volunteers are welcomed and will be greatly appreciated.  I anticipate a need for 3 - 4 volunteers per two hour shift (10am - noon and noon - 2pm).  If you are able to volunteer, please email me with your preferred shift time.
I humbly ask for everyone's patience and understanding in advance regarding the Uniform Exchange, particularly on the day of the event.  This is the first time I have attempted to organize this type of event, and it's a first for our organization as well.  I'm sure there will be hiccups, but with your cooperation, everything will turn out great!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a wonderful day!  Go Lancers!