Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spiritwear Sale - Extended

Our spiritwear store has been re-opened, and will stay open until Monday, August 8th.  This will be your final opportunity to order spiritwear.  The online store can be found here.

As I cautioned families a few weeks ago, having a 2nd run with spiritwear can be difficult because a minimum order of 6 items per design must be met to waive a $20 set-up charge for each design.  There are 4 different designs with separate set-up fees:
  • Large screenprint design: tshirts, hoodie
  • Small screenprint design: shorts, yoga pants, sweatpants, cinchpack
  • Embroidered design: microfleece jacket and backpacks.
  • Stadium chair design
The good news is that we can combine various items with the same design to meet the 6 item minimum for that specific design (for example, the large design minimum can be met with 4 tshirts and 2 hoodies).  I can also guarantee that the large screenprint design items (tshirts and hoodie) will meet this 6 item minimum.  I cannot guarantee the other designs.

I will be notified at the end of the sale which designs incurred a set-up fee, and that set-up fee will be passed on to the families that ordered items with that design.  Your share of the set-up fee will need to be paid to JLC before your spiritwear order will be released to you.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.