Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Uniform Order Update

Hey Lancers!  Our uniform orders from Varsity are starting to arrive!  Cheer shoes, cheer bows and poms are available for pick up.  Please contact Coach Uhrle to arrange a time to pick up these items if you haven't already done so.

The remaining uniform pieces (shell, skirt, bodyliner and briefs) will be available for pick-up once they have arrived.  Our vendor has indicated their estimated shipment date to be July 8th.  I will email everyone once these items have arrived to arrange a time for pick-up.

Here are a few important notes about your uniform order ...

Varsity Refund Policy
  1. Custom and lettered items (the shell, skirt, and poms) are non-refundable.
  2. The cheer shoes, bodyliner, and briefs can be returned or exchanged.  Refund checks will arrive within 6 - 8 weeks from the initial return shipment date, and will be in the amount of your purchase price less any return shipping and handling fees.
  3. Do not write names directly on any of the items or packaging in case an exchange needs to be made.  If you write on any packaging, or the packaging is excessively torn, ripped open, etc., Varisty will not accept your returns or exchanges.  If you are completely satisfied with your order, and are 100% certain you will not need to exchange or return an item, you may label your items accordingly.
  4. If you need to return or exchange a stockable item (cheer shoes, bodyliner or brief), please email me immediately.  All items must be returned to me in their original packaging.  Shoes must be unlaced and clean with no writing on the box.  Undergarments must be unopened with no writing on the package.
Poms Care Instructions
To ensure your Varsity poms keep their new look, please follow these simple instructions:
  1. Always grab the pom by the handle, not by the strands.  Separate the strands from the handle to prevent constant "crunching" of the ribbon.
  2. To re-fluff poms, separate strands by pulling in opposite directions.
  3. To avoid a mildew smell, never store wet poms in a plastic bag.  Let poms air dry when wet.
  4. If poms get dirty, hand wash with mild soap and water and hang to air dry.  Do not use heat to dry poms.
If you have any questions or concerns once your order arrives, just let me know.

Go Lancers!