Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cheer Mat Set-Up and Clean-Up Schedule

I have an important mid-week announcement to share with you that requires a response from every family ...

As I mentioned in our very first parents meeting, we are an organization run completely by volunteers.  As such, there are times that I will need to reach out to you and require assistance from every family in order to have a productive and successful season.  Cheer mat set-up and clean-up is one of those times!

As all cheerleaders utilize the cheer mats and benefit from practicing on the cheer mats, I'm requiring all families to share in the responsibility of setting up and cleaning up out the cheer mats. 

Each family is required to sign up for seven (7) shifts.  One shift is considered to be set-up (rolling out the mats) OR clean-up (rolling up the mats) on any particular day.  The set-up shift must arrive by 5:10pm, and will be responsible for getting the mats out of the storage area, into the cafeteria, and rolled-out for practice.  The clean-up shift will stay until approximately 7:20pm, and will be responsible for rolling up the mats, putting the covers on, and moving them back to the storage area.

The cheer mat set-up and clean-up schedule can be found here.  Please note that the dates highlighted in PINK are competition weeks, and we have a staggered practice schedule on those days.  2nd - 4th grade and 7th grade will practice from 5:30 - 7pm and will be able to sign up for set-up shifts only.  5th & 6th grade and 8th grade will practice from 6:30 - 8pm and will be able to sign up for clean-up shifts only. 

The completed shift schedule will be posted on our website for all families to review.  Each family is responsible for finding their own replacement if they are no longer able to work their shift.  Parents of 2nd - 4th graders are requested to come with their daughters to help with set-up and/or clean-up as they'll need your strength and assistance (as each each cheer mat weighs a couple hundred pounds).  Middle school parents are welcome to come and help as well - many hands make light work!  .
  • Please review the attached schedule and email Coach Uhrle with your Top 10 requested shifts (7 required + 3 alternates).  Be sure to indicate the date and shift requested (set-up or clean-up) in your email.
  • Shift requests are first come, first served!
  • Responses are requested by Sunday, September 18th.  Shifts will be automatically assigned to families that do not respond by this time.
Thank you for ensuring your daughter's cheer season a productive and successful season!