Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekly Newsletter: September 2011, Vol 3

Coming up this week ...

Monday, September 19th
  • 5:30 - 7:00pm
  • We will begin stunt progressions this week, and the dress code policy will be strictly enforced.  Review the dress code policy here.
  • Mat Set-Up Crew:  Agathe, Jaida, Katy, Lauren and Melanie.  Please arrive by 5:10 PM!
  • Mat Clean-Up Crew:  Anna, Kayla, Mia, Nina, and Teja. 

Wednesday, September 21st
  • 5:30 - 7:00pm
  • Mat Set-Up Crew:  Jaida, Meghan, Melanie, Victoria, and Vika.  Please arrive by 5:10 PM!
  • Mat Clean-Up Crew:  Ana, Lexi Sch, Lindsey, Mara, and Nina.

Thursday, September 22nd
  •  The Lancer Varsity team takes on cross-town rivals Brookfield East Spartans at Brookfield East at 7pm.  The game will be held on Thursday as it will be aired live on Channel 24. 
  • While it may be more comfortable to watch the game from the warmth and comfort of your own home, as cheerleaders and cheer parents, we're all aware how much crowd support can uplift and support a team!  I know the team would love to see the visitor side of the stadium filled to capacity in a sea of royal blue! 
  • I am willing to chaperone any middle school students at the game if requested. The girls will need their own transportation to/from the game, and pay their own admission to the game.  Just let me know!

Friday, September 23rd
  • All cheerleaders should follow the JLC policy on wearing uniforms to school located here.  
  • Remember that when you wear the JLC uniform, you are representing 57 other Junior Lancer Cheerleaders and your behavior, attitude, and actions can reflect positively - and negatively - on all of your cheer sisters.  Please behave accordingly when wearing your JLC uniform.
Saturday, September 24th
  • 8th graders are expected to arrive at 8:30am.
  • 7th graders are expected to arrive at 10:00am.
  • 6th graders are expected to arrive at 11:30am.
  • 2nd - 5th graders are expected to arrive at 1:00pm.  2nd - 4th graders will be dismissed after their half-time routine.
Important Announcements ...

  • Review the JLC dress code policy here.
  • 1st offense:  3 additional laps around WHMS if at practice or the track if at a football game.
  • 2nd offense:  5 additional laps around WHMS if at practice or the track if at a football game AND the cheerleader not being permitted to stunt at their next practice.  You will still be expected to come to practice. 
  • 3rd offense:  7 additional laps around WHMS if at practice or the track if at a football game AND the cheerleader not being permitted to stunt at their next two practices.  You will still be expected to come to practice. 
  • The new consequences for dress code violations is effective September 17th.  This means the girls that ran additional laps for wearing nail polish to yesterday's football game will now face the consequence for a 2nd offense - not being permitted to stunt at their next practice IF they wear nail polish with their uniform a 2nd time.  
  • Running additional laps and not being able to stunt at practice places a hardship on your coach and teammates because you will miss much needed practice time with your team - please don't let them down.

Here are a few clarifications on the JLC dress code policy that have been asked of me by other parents ...

  • Bobby pins are prohibited from being worn to practice and competitions as they are a safety hazard.  At practice last Monday, a 5th grade cheerleader was stabbed in the hand by a bobby pin that had fallen out of someone's hair onto the mats. 
  • If you must use hair pins at practice, please use pins like these.
  • Headbands and hair pins worn when wearing the JLC uniform must be plain in nature (no sparkles, glitter, sequins, lace or other adornments), and should be a color close to your natural hair color.

  • JLC's cheer constitution states  "No acrylic nails, sparkles or anything that can fall off and potentially harm another cheerleader or damage the cheer mats. Only plain, natural non-polish nails.  Nails must be trimmed short so that when looking at the palm of the cheerleader's hand, you do not see the nails."  This policy has been in place since the 2009 - 2010 cheer season, so this shouldn't be anything new to our veteran cheerleaders. 
  • To be clear, "Plain, natural non-polished nails" are exactly that.  Nail polish that is chipped or cracked on the nails is still nail polish. 

  • You've probably noticed your cheer shoes are getting rather icky and black from cheering on the track at football games.  Saddle soap is a great product to clean your cheer shoes and keep them in good condition.  I use Fiebing's saddle soap paste, and purchased it at Farm and Fleet on Kossow Road by Target.  I've also heard that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is effective in getting dirt and scuff marks off the shoes.
  • As a reminder - new cheer shoes must be worn with their WHITE shoelaces whenever the JLC uniform is worn.

I am being very strict with our dress code policy now, while it is still early in the season, rather than faced with dealing with an issue 5 minutes before your daughter's team is supposed to run on the mats for their performance at competition.  Competition rules are even stricter than JLC's rules (if you can imagine that!)  It would be extremely unfortunate if your daughter's dress code violation results in a point deduction for her team's overall score, of if her team is disqualified because a bobby pin, rhinestone on her nail, headband, etc falls off and injures someone on the next team performing on the mats.  Thank you for your cooperation!

  • Thank you to those that have replied with your preferred shift days.  Families that didn't respond were automatically assigned shifts.
  • The current cheer mat set-up and clean-up calendar can be downloaded here for your reference.  I have a few "bonus" shifts availble for families that are able to give more than their required 7 shifts.  These dates and times are highlighted in yellow on the calendar.
  • You are responsible for finding a replacement if you're unable to help on your assigned day.  You're also responsible for making up a shift if your daughter is absent on her assigned day.
  • I am looking for parent shift captains to help supervise set-ups on Mondays only.  Set-up captains will be responsible for arriving on time and getting the set-up crew moving so practice can start promptly on time.  If you're willing to help out on your assigned Monday set-ups shifts, please let me know.  I have a prior commitment on Mondays until 4:55pm, so I'm not available to arrive early to supervise set-up.  I will supervise Monday clean-ups, and Wednesday set-up and clean-ups.  Thank you in advance for your help!
  • Parents are welcome and encouraged to help their daughters with set-up or clean-up if possible, and the cheer mats weigh several hundred pounds each!

  • Please label your daughter's poms with her name or other identifying mark or sticker (peel the strands apart until you see the white handle).
  • At football games, instruct your daughter place her poms directly in front of her if cheering without poms, or in a bag or separate area away from other poms, during half-time.
  • Some cheerleaders are very particular about their poms, making sure the strands don't get crushed, pulled, stretched out, etc. and we want to ensure each girl goes home with her own poms.
  • If you accidentally took home a brand new pair of poms at the game on Saturday, please let me know.  Someone left with a brand new pair of poms, and a used pair of poms were left behind in its place.  Mistakes happen, and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Quote of the Week

"Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right."  ~ Henry Ford