Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekly Newsletter - October 2011, Vol 3

Coming up this week ....
Monday, October 17th
  • 2nd - 4th Grade and 7th Grade:  5:30 - 7pm.  All cheerleaders that arrive prior to 5:30pm will be put to work helping to set up the cheer mats.  The set-up crew is responsible for moving the mats from the gym to the cafeteria, and rolling out the mats.
  • 5th - 6th Grade and 8th Grade: 6:30 - 8pm. All cheerleaders are asked to assist in rolling up the cheer mats after practice.  The clean-up crew is responsible for moving the mats once they're rolled up.
  • Mat Set-Up Crew:  Agathe, Katrina, Kenzie and Sophia (1 MORE HELPER NEEDED)
  • Mat Clean-Up Crew:  Josliane, Melanie, Sarah and Emily (1 MORE HELPER NEEDED)
Wednesday, October 19th
Wednesday, October 19th
  • 6 - 8pm, $13 per person payable to Junior Lancer Cheer
  • All cheerleaders, their families and friends are invited to join us at Adventure Rock Indoor Climbing Gym for a fun team social!
  • $13 fee includes instruction and equipment rental.
  • Print out this waiver and submit with your $13 per person fee to Coach Uhrle at practice on Monday.  We will be able to accept participants the day of the event, but you must RSVP to Coach Uhrle at to reserve your spot!
Saturday, October 22nd and/or Sunday, October 23rd
  • I would like all 8th graders to cheer at the 8th grade game, and all 5th & 6th grade cheerleaders to cheer at the 5th grade game.  If the weather cooperates, they will also stunt at the play-off game as well. 
  • Times and Locations TBD - I will share this information as soon as it becomes available, but be prepared that they will mostly likely be away games.  We will set up carpools so all girls can go to the game.  Let me know if you're willing to drive, and how many girls can fit in your car!
Important Announcements ...
  • Choreography for each team is coming along very well, and we've almost wrapped up their entire competition routines. 
  • As mentioned each week, attendance at practice is extremely important, and I'd like to thank everyone for their efforts in coming to all practices - your dedication and hard work shows!  Oftentimes, the coaches will make slight changes to choreography at practice, and if your daughter is absent, she won't know what the changes are and extra time will be taken away from the whole group to get your daughter up to speed.
  • We have just 8 practices left before our first competition!  Parents, get ready to have your socks blown off - your daughters are working extremely hard, and can't wait to show everyone what they've learned!
  • Our new cheer mats have arrived, and it's extremely exciting to have a FULL COMPETITION FLOOR for the girls to practice on!  This will really help the girls perfect the spacing and synchronization of their routine, essential components to the overall judging score.
  • Thank you to the Crow's, Durham's and Jellison's for arriving early at practice last Wednesday to help me unload the truck.  Our new mats outweigh our old mats by a few hundred pounds, and your assistance is greatly appreciated!
  • As the weather makes it's inevitable turn to Fall and Winter, it is crucial that all girls do not track moisture, mud, snow, dirt, salt, etc onto our mats.  On rainy, wet days, please carry your cheer shoes into the cafeteria, and put them on once you're inside.  The cheer mats are extremely expensive, and we want to make every effort to take care of them as best we can.
  • Try-outs for incoming freshman are typically held in the spring of 8th grade, so our current 8th graders are strongly urged to take JLC as serious as possible to learn and perfect all aspects of cheer if they're interested in cheering at BC next year.
  • If your daughter is interested in cheering in high school, and isn't taking tumbling classes, you should really consider taking one as soon as possible.  7th graders may feel like they have alot of time on their hands, but we all know time passes in a heartbeat, and they should really take advantage of the next 18 months to start, perfect, and increase their tumbling skills. 
  • The biggest thing to remember when taking tumbling classes is that tumbling skills are taught in progressions that build upon one another.  Rushing through tumbling skills without perfecting each skill will only hurt your daughter in the future - literally, in that she can truly injure herself by throwing a skill she hasn't perfected, and figuratively, in that she will have "bad habits" that her instructors will need to correct before she can move forward.  Parents must resist putting deadlines or time expectations on their daughter learning a particular skill.  You may not feel as though your daughter is progressing quickly enough, but an important aspect of tumbling is building the necessary upper body, core and lower body strength needed to complete the tumbling skill.  Each cheerleader learns at a different rate, and they should not compare their progress with another cheerleader.  The important thing is that the cheerleader takes tumbling on a consistent basis. 
  • We currently have 3 tumbling opportunities for JLC - Beginner and Intermediate Tumbling classes at Heat Athletics, and a mixed level tumbling class taught by BC Cheer.  Heat Athletics and BC Cheer also offer private lessons - contact Coach Uhrle for more information.
  • Thank you to all cheerleaders and parents for supporting the Jr Lancer Football teams this season!  I think all involved had a great time, and the season went by very quickly!
  • We have over 230 photos from the football season uploaded to our online gallery - check out all the great shots here!
  • Thank you to all cheerleaders and parents for coming out to Junior Lancer Night at BC Football this past Friday night!
  • It looked like everyone was having a fun time, and it was also a great opportunity for the 8th graders to get a feel of cheering at a high school football game!
  • Check out photos of the event in our online photo gallery here.  Thank you to Kit Kat's mom, Jackie, for sharing the photos with us!
Quote of the Week

"Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit.  You are what you repeatedly do." ~ Shaquille O'Neal