Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Indian Invite Competition Notes

Menomonee Falls Indian Invite Cheerleading Competition
Menomonee Falls High School
W142 N8101 Merrimac Drive, Menomonee Falls, WI

Spectator Admission: $5 Adults, $3 Students (cash)

All teams to arrive at MFHS at 8am.  Please look for your coaches when you first enter the school. 

Coaches and Team Managers will accompany cheerleaders to staging area promptly at 8:10am.

Parents can enter the gym to secure a great seat. Parents, please hold onto any valuables for your daughter (wallet, cell phone, etc), as JLC will not provide any supervision of items left in the staging area.  She won't need any of these items until after her performance.

A fun option at the Indian Invite is for parents and families to purchase "Shout-Outs" for a nominal fee ($1 or less) that will be read by the announcer prior to your daughter's team's performance.  Cheerleaders are permitted to purchase "Shout-Outs" for their friends and teammates, however, please be sure that your message is in good taste, and appropriate for all age-levels.

All cheerleaders must arrive in full JLC uniform from head to toe.  Be sure to refer to the official JLC Dress Code policy for competitions.  Poms are not needed for competition.  Important dress code details to remember - bodyliner mandatory, no leggings, WHITE no-show socks, all hair pulled away from the face and up in a high ponytail, no bobby pins, no nail polish, no sparkles/glitter, no eyeliner, no eyeshadow, no lipstick.  Team Managers will be on hand to help cheerleaders with their hair if needed.

JLC Tentative Performance Times
2nd - 4th Grade:  9:12 AM
5th & 6th Grade:  9:36 AM
7th Grade:   10:38 AM
8th Grade:  10:54 AM

BC Cheer Tentative Performance Times
JV:  9:16 AM
Varisty:  11:06 AM

Awards Ceremony will take place at approximately 12:30pm.

All cheerleaders that stay for the entire competition MUST remain in their full JLC uniform.  Once your daughter's team has performed their routine, parents are responsible for chaperoning her at the event.  If your daughter would like to stay for the entire competition, but you need to leave, just let one of the coaches know - we'll be happy to chaperone her and give her a ride back home.

All JLC cheerleaders that stay for the entire will sit on the gym floor directly in front of the cheer mats everytime a JLC or BC Cheer team is performing (unless they are scheduled to be in the warm-up area) to support and cheer on their cheer sisters.

During the Awards Ceremony, all JLC cheerleaders will sit in a circle on the gym floor to await the final results.  Coaches will select team captains to go up to get the team's trophy if one is won.  Each cheerleader will have an opportunity to be a team captain at competition.  During the awards ceremony, all JLC cheerleaders will stand up every time a JLC or BC Cheer team is called.  All JLC cheerleaders will stand up for EVERY 1st place finisher.

Once the awards ceremony is complete, we will gather in a hallway for photos.  We'll take one large JLC photo with all JLC teams and trophies, then break into teams for team and individual photos with any trophies.

All JLC adult coaches will be wearing their turquoise tie-dye JLC shirts - if you need anything at the competition, please feel free to find one of us.

Be sure to bring extra spending money - there will be concessions available for purchase, and many different vendors will be present selling miscellaneous cheer goodies.

Finally, please be aware that the performance times are tentative, and could change.  Please check our website on Friday night to confirm the final performance times.

Let's Go Lancers!