Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Newsletter: January 2011, Vol 2

Coming up this week ...

Monday, January 9th
  • 2nd - 4th Grade and 7th Grade:  5:30 - 7pm
  • 5th & 6th and 8th Grade: 6:30 - 8pm
  • Mat set-up crew: Isabella H - 4 MORE FAMILIES NEEDED
  • Mat clean-up crew: Corinne, Miranda, Sarah, Hope and Melanie.
  • As a reminder, all 2nd - 4th grade and 7th grade cheerleaders that arrive early are put to work rolling out the cheer mats.  All 5th & 6th and 8th grade cheerleaders are expected to help roll-up and cover the mats.  The set up and clean up crews are responsible for moving the mats from the stage to the cafeteria and back, AND rolling out/up the mats.
Wednesday, January 11th
  • Mat set-up and clean-up crews originally scheduled for January 11th will be moved to a future date.

Birthdays this week ...
  • January 11th - Emma
  • January 14th - Kendra

Important Announcements ...

  • The start of the BC Cheer class originally scheduled for Tuesday, January 10th has been postponed, and I do not have a new start date to share with you at this time. 
  • As soon as I receive information from Coach Wilsens, I will share it with everyone.

  • The coaches and I are extremely proud of all of our girls today!  They've worked really hard, and have improved so much since our first competition in November!
  • View photos and videos from the BOTH competition here.   More photos and videos will be added over the next few days!
  • Final Results ...
8th Grade - 3rd Place
7th Grade - 5th Place
5th & 6th Grade: 1st Place
2nd - 4th Grade: 2nd Place
Meghan - Youth Individual 1st Place
Lexi Sch - Junior Individual 2nd Place
Lexi Sh - Junior Individual 3rd Place

Save the Date ...
  • February 4th - Brookfield Blast Cheer Competition at Brookfield Central High School
  • February 11th - KMLHS Cheer & Dance Competition at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School

Action Needed ...

  • If your 6th, 7th or 8th grade daughter is in the WHMS Musical Review, please let me know ASAP!
  • It is my understanding that cheerleaders in the WHMS Musical Review will miss the final two practices leading up to the Brookfield Blast on February 4th, which is also the same day at the WHMS Musical Review.  Please be aware that these girls will likely be moved from their stunt groups as stated in the JLC cheer constitution. 

KMLHS Cheer & Dance Competition
  • The KMLHS Cheer & Dance competition is pre-selling their competition t-shirts for a discounted rate of $11.50.  A very limited number of t-shirts will be sold at the regular price on the day of the event.
  • Payment is due to Coach Uhrle by January 16th - NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • I have received t-shirt orders and payments from the following cheerleaders: Isabella S, Katy, Kenzie, Lexi Sch and Reagan.

Quote of the Week ...

"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."  ~ Thomas Jefferson