Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly Newsletter: June 2012, Vol 4

Registration Ongoing Now!
  • Please view important information here and download the registration packet here.  We accept any athlete from any school district as long as she is able to commit to our practice and competition schedule.
  • Check the Teams page to see if your friends have registered for JLC - names will be added as paid registrations are received!
  • Registrations will be accepted through July 15th!

Coming up this week ...

Monday, June 25th
Installment #1 Due!
  • $100 Installment Due!  Checks should be payable to Junior Lancer Cheer, and can be turned in at Monday's practice.
  • JLC policy states that accounts must be in good standing in order for athletes to participate in JLC activities.  

Monday, June 25th
Cheer Practice
  • Wirth Park from 5:30 - 7pm 
  • Girls should arrive by 5:20pm and must be picked up by 7:10pm. There will be no adult supervision prior to 5:20pm and after 7:10pm.
  • We will start stunt progressions this week - please have your daughters wear or bring their cheer shoes to practice.  Flyers will not be permitted to stunt without cheer shoes.  
  • Email absences at least 2 hours prior to practice start time.

Wednesday, June 27th
Cheer Practice
  • Wirth Park from 5:30 - 7pm
  • Girls should arrive by 5:20pm and must be picked up by 7:10pm. There will be no adult supervision prior to 5:20pm and after 7:10pm.
  • Email absences at least 2 hours prior to practice start time.

Team Tumbling at Heat Athletics
  • Beginner: 5 - 6pm - CLASS IS FULL!
  • Intermediate: 6 - 7pm - 2 SPOTS LEFT!
  • Visit the Tumbling Classes page for more information!  You must be a 2012 - 2013 registered Junior Lancer Cheerleader to sign up for our team tumbling classes. 

Important Announcements ...

Stunt Progressions

  • JLC's stunting and tumbling motto is "Perfection Before Progression."  JLC athletes will take time to perfect lower level and less complicated skills before attempting to move to higher and more advanced skills.
  • Athletes must properly pass stunt progressions in order to perform the skill at practice or competitions.  Athletes with the role of "Flyer" in a stunt group must properly pass stunt progressions as a base and backspot for the stunt she will be flyer in order for her to become a flyer.
  • Perfect attendance is a must for all athletes in stunt groups.  The dress code will be enforced - all hair up in a high straight ponytail, no jewelry whatsoever and for the summer only - all Flyers must wear cheer shoes.
  • JLC does not accept parental or guardian input in the formation of stunt groups, dance lines, or cheer lines.  Cheerleading is a team sport, and each cheerleader is given a role that will ensure the entire team's best chance for success, always keeping safety first and foremost in consideration.


  • We have started tumbling at practice on the grass, and the athletes have been divided into two groups - beginner and intermediate/advanced (must have a back handspring without a spotter).
  • JLC does not spot any athlete for tumbling - if an athlete is unable to perform a skill without a spot, she is not mentally ready to perform that skill.
  • Athletes wishing to have tumbling of a back handspring or higher choreographed into their football routine must consistently perform their tumbling on the grass at practice.
  • JLC reserves the right for the athlete to demonstrate the tumbling skill to the satisfaction of the Administrator and Head Coach before the athlete is allowed to perform the skill at practice and competitions.  Please understand that simply completing a skill well enough to land it or without "touching down" doesn't necessarily mean that an athlete has that skills or that it will be choreographed into the football or competition routine.  Proper technique and execution is a huge part of every score sheet at a competition, therefore a skill performed with bad technique, although it may be a skill at the top of that level, will not score for the team and may not be able to be used.  A skill will most likely only be counted for an athlete if they are able to demonstrate proper technique while performing that skill.  A parent or athlete's idea of having a certain skill may vary from the coach's idea of whether or not that athlete has a skill due to their technique.

Uniform Checklist
  • Now that the uniform re-sale and new cheer shoe fittings have been concluded, please ensure your daughter has all of the following uniform pieces:  
    • Shell
    • Skirt
    • Bodyliner
    • Briefs
    • Poms
    • Shoes
    • Competition Cheer Bow
  • If you don't have any of the aforementioned uniform pieces or haven't ordered them yet (specifically the cheer shoes and competition bow), please contact Coach Uhrle asap!  
  • If you will be ordering a new shell, skirt, bodyliner, briefs, and poms, please contact Coach Uhrle to schedule a fitting appointment.  Fittings will be held on July 12th from 6 - 8pm by appointment only.

    Competition Cheer Bow Orders
    • All cheerleaders must purchase a new competition cheer bow.  Orders are due by July 12th - no exceptions!
    • Click here to download the order form.
    • I have received competition cheer bow orders from the following families: Barreda, Blankenburg, Brinkmann, Cadd, Crow, Flanary, Gagliano, Mulcahy, Orgeman, Regener, Retzlaff, Roth, Smith, Taipala, Van Haren, Washington and Wedel.

    Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Fundraiser

    • The cookie dough fundraiser has been EXTENDED - all orders and payments are now due Monday, July 9th.
    • Participants earn $5 per tub sold, and profits earned will be applied to your July 25th installment payment.
    • Visit the Fundraising page for more information.  Fundraisers are optional and not mandatory.  They are an option for families wishing to raise funds to help pay for their cheer fees, uniform costs, and team tumbling at Heat Athletics.

    Upcoming Events ...

    June 25th
    1st Installment Due

    July 2nd, 4th, and 9th

    July 12th
    NEW Uniform Fittings

    July 16th and 18th

    July 29th, August 4th, 5th and 10th
    • Days and times are now confirmed!  We were able to condense choreography into three days per team.
    • Choreography will take place at Heat Athletics.  There will be a waiting area available for parents to wait for their child, however choreography will be closed for viewing.
    • Blue (8th grade):  Sunday, July 29th from 2 - 5pm; Saturday, August 4th from 9am - noon; and Sunday, August 5th from 2 - 5pm.
    • White (6th & 7th grade):  Sunday, July 29th from 5:30 - 8:30pm; Saturday, August 4th from 6:30 - 9pm, and Sunday, August 5th from 5:30 - 9pm.
    • Silver (3rd - 5th grade):  Sunday, July 29th from 11am - 2pm; Sunday, August 5th from 11am - 2pm; and Friday, August 10th from 5 - 7pm.
    • All athletes must own cheer shoes by choreography!
    • Choreography is mandatory for all girls to attend.  Please email Coach if you're unable to attend choreography due to vacations - even if you've already mentioned it to her previously, please email the exact days to her again.

    Quote of the Week

    "The only disability in life is a bad attitude."  ~ Scott Hamilton