Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekly Newsletter: December 2012, Vol 1

Photo of the week ...

Blue Team getting in the holiday spirit
as they supported BC Cheer at the UCA Regionals on December 1st!

Coming up this week ...

Sunday, December 2nd

  • Online Spiritwear Store closes at 11:59pm!
    • Click here to view our items for sale.  All orders are pre-paid online only.
    • Items will be available for pick-up from Coach's house on December 20th.
    • No late orders will be accepted!

Monday, December 3rd
  • Cheer Practice
    • White Team:  5:30 - 7pm.  Mat Duty: Roth & Ruedt
    • Blue Team: 7 - 8:30pm.  THIS PRACTICE IS MANDATORY FOR ALL BLUE TEAM MEMBERS TO ATTEND!  Mat Duty: Brinkman, Smith & Waller
  • Blue Team Tumbling
    • 5:30 - 6:30pm

Tuesday, December 4th
  • JLC Beginner Team Tumbling at Heat Athletics - NEW WINTER SESSION!
    • 5:30 - 6:30pm

Wednesday, December 5th
  • No Cheer Practice - All Teams
    • No practice due to WHMS Wrestling Meet

Friday, December 7th
  • Blue Team Supplemental Stunt Practice
    • 7 - 8pm at Swanson
    • Ana, Meghan & Victoria's groups only 

    Important Announcements ...

    Updated Master Calendar

    • Our master calendar found here has been updated with several "No Practice" days for all teams.  Please be sure to check our calendar and update your personal calendars with this information.

    Team Holiday Party
    • The White Team holiday party will be held on Monday, December 17th (UPDATED DATE) and the Blue Team holiday party will be held on Wednesday, December 19th during the final 30 minutes of practice.
    • We are looking for the following food donations by team.  If you're able to contribute, please email me - I will confirm your contribution in my reply.
      • White:  12 cupcakes (Taipala family), salty snacks (Hansen & Uhrle family), 2 doz cookies (Konzal & Orgeman family), 12 juice boxes (Regner family), cut-up fruit/fruit salad for 12 (Gagliano family), paper goods for 12 (Hansen family).
      • Blue:  24 cupcakes (Price family), salty snacks (Rebancos, Shah & Uhrle families), 2 doz cookies (Cadd family + 1 family), 12 juice boxes (Dollhopf & Washington family), cut-up fruit/fruit salad for 12 (2 families), paper goods for 12 (Blankenburg family)
    • We will once again host a team gift exchange at the party.  The gift exchange is voluntary, and not mandatory to participate.  If you'd like to participate, please purchase an age appropriate gift with a $10 value, and bring it wrapped to the party.  Where possible, please try to include a gift receipt with the gift, particularly if it's clothes, so the recipient can exchange it if needed.  I know it's hard to keep "happy secrets", but please tell your team member not to share what her gift is, so it's truly a surprise at the party :)

      Reminders regarding Changes to Choreography, Attendance Policy

      • All families received a copy of, and agreed to JLC's program handbook, a copy of which can be found here.  All of the following specific reminders have been in place since JLC's creation in 2009.
      • JLC policy states that no athlete has a right or a guarantee to any particular role or location in a routine.  Each member of the team is vital to their team's overall success.  Athletes in grades 6 - 8 must put cheerleading first before all other extracurricular activities.  Any athletes may be removed from a stunt group, choreography or from our program at any time for reasons which may include but are not limited to: safety concerns, attitude and behavior problems, absences and/or tardiness, lack of financial responsibility, bullying.  
      • Parental input is not accepted in the formation of teams, stunt groups, or role/location within the routine.
      • Attendance is mandatory during competition season (beginning September 1st).  Athletes are allowed 3 absences (regardless of reason) during the entire competition season.  If an athlete misses any portion of the final four practices leading up to a competition, she may be removed from choreography for that competition or have their role in choreography changed.  If a team member is removed from choreography or if choreography is altered to reflect the absence of a team member, that team member is not guaranteed to return to their original role in choreography.
      • Safety is the cornerstone of the JLC program, and all athletes in stunt groups are expected to have perfect attendance during the entire competition season.  Any athlete assigned to a stunt group that is absent from practice can be removed from their stunt group at any time.  
      • When participation is missed due to illness or injury, the athlete must present a doctor's release to the Administrator upon return.
      • The implementation and enforcement of all attendance-related issues is entirely at the discretion of the Administrator.

      Upcoming Events ...

      Wednesday, December 5th
      No Practice - All Teams

      Sunday, December 16th
      Cardinal Challenge - Blue Team Only

      Monday, December 17th
      White Team Holiday Party

      Wednesday, December 19th
      Blue Team Holiday Party

      Sunday, January 6th
      Bring on the Heat Cheer Competition

      Quote of the Week

      "Great players are willing to give up their own personal achievement for the achievement of the group. It enhances everybody."  ~ Kareem Abdul Jabbar