Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Newsletter: January 2013, Vol 4

Photo of the week ...

2009 Flashback - JLC's very first 3rd - 5th Grade Cheer Team

Coming up this week ...

Monday, January 21st

  • KMLHS Competition T-Shirt Orders are DUE TODAY!  No late orders accepted!  See below for more information.
  • White Team: 5:30 - 7pm.  
    • Mat Duty:  Orgeman, Regner and Gagliano (make-up for 1/14)
  • Blue Team Tumbling Session III (Class 3 of 9): 5:30 - 6:30pm
  • Blue Team: 7 - 8:30pm.  
    • Mat Duty:  Blankenburg (make-up for 1/14), Barreda (make-up for 1/14) & Price (make-up for 1/9)
    • Blue Team Competition Waivers for Brookfield Blast, US Finals Regionals & JamFest are due today!  See below for list of those still outstanding.  

Wednesday, January 23rd
  • No Cheer Practice - All Teams due to WHMS half-day of school (building closed in the PM)

Friday, January 25th
  • Blue Team Supplemental Stunt Practice
    • 7 - 8pm, Swanson El

Important Announcements ...

Competition Waivers
  • Blue Team: please complete and return the following waivers to practice on Monday, January 21st!
    • Brookfield Blast  Missing: Arianna, Brooke, Grayson, Savannah R, Tatiana
    • US Finals Regionals  Missing:  Arianna, Brooke, Grayson, Mara, Savannah R, Tatiana
    • JamFEST Jam Bash Nationals - each parent must come into a practice at the END of practice to sign the Team waiver.  Missing: Agathe, Brooke, Grayson, Julianne, Mara, Natalie, Victoria. 
  • It is each family's responsibility to complete and return their waivers in a timely manner.  Any team member that does not turn in their waiver will not be permitted to compete at that competition.

Competition T-Shirts - Pre-Order Now!

KMLHS Cheer Competition - T-Shirt Design

  • Pre-order your KMLHS Cheer Competition t-shirt by submitting a payment in the amount of $11.50 payable to JLC no later than Monday, January 21st - no late payments will be accepted!  Orders will be distributed by team managers at the competition on February 9th.  A very limited number of t-shirts will be available onsite the day of competition - last year's shirt sold out in about an hour!

Upcoming Events ...

Wednesday, January 23rd
No Cheer Practice

Wednesday, January 30th
No Cheer Practice

Saturday, February 2nd
Brookfield Blast
All Teams

Saturday, February 9th
KMLHS Grade School Cheer & Dance Competition
All Teams

Saturday, February 24th
US Finals Regionals
Blue Team Only

Sunday, March 3rd
JamFEST Jam Bash Nationals
Blue Team Only

Monday, March 4th
JLC Media Day
All Teams

Quote of the Week ...

"I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt