Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Newsletter: January 2013, Vol 5

Coming up this week ...

Monday, January 28th

  • White Team: 5:30 - 7pm.  
    • Mat Duty:  Roth & Ruedt and Gagliano (make-up for 1/14)
  • Blue Team Tumbling Session III (Class 4 of 9): 5:30 - 6:30pm
  • Blue Team: 7 - 8:30pm.  
    • Mat Duty:  Cadd & Dunn

Wednesday, January 30th
  • No Cheer Practice - All Teams due to WHMS Incoming 6th Grade PIN

Thursday, January 31st
  • Blue Team Supplemental Stunt Practice
    • 7 - 8pm, Swanson El
Friday, February 1st
  • Blue Team Carbo Cram hosted by Bridget
    • 6 - 8pm at Bridget's house
  • White Team Carbo Cram hosted by Kenzie
    • 6 - 8pm at Waukesha AMF Bowling Lanes
Saturday, February 2nd
  • Brookfield Blast Cheer Competition
    • Brookfield Central High School, New Gym
    • $5 Spectator Admission, enter through new gym lobby.  Athletes to meet in trophy hallway.
    • Arrival & Performance times will be emailed to families on Thursday, January 31st
    • All athletes are to arrive in full dress code from head to toe, and must stay in full dress code until their awards ceremony if they remain at the competition.  Athletes will be permitted to change into street clothes after their awards ceremony.

Birthdays this Week ...
  • January 29th ~ Nina!

Important Announcements ...

Milwaukee Bucks Anthem Buddies

  • We will have a superfan experience with the Milwaukee Bucks - Anthem Buddies!  Our team members will line up with the Milwaukee Bucks for the National Anthem on Friday, March 15th or Saturday, April 6th (we will pick just 1 date for the entire program based upon the majority availability of the program).
  • We will be able to accommodate up to 28 team members for this event.
  • The girls will wear their JLC uniforms - shell, liner, skirt, briefs, no-show white socks & cheer shoes, but will be permitted to have their hair down.  They will be permitted to change into street clothes for the duration of the game once their performance is complete.  The girls will be allowed in to the arena early to watch the Bucks warm-up.  Parents and other family members will enter during the general admission.
  • Replies are requested by Sunday, January 27th.  I am awaiting responses from the following families:  Ainsley R, Arianna, Emma, Jensen, Mara, Marisa, Mia, Savannah R, Taylor, and Victoria.

Blue Team - Mat Duty

  • Please check your email for information for mat set-up and clean-up duty for the remainder of the season - February 13th - March 4th.  Spots will be filled first come, first served.

Upcoming Events ...

Wednesday, January 30th
No Cheer Practice

Saturday, February 2nd
Brookfield Blast
All Teams

Saturday, February 9th
KMLHS Grade School Cheer & Dance Competition
All Teams

Saturday, February 24th
US Finals Regionals
Blue Team Only

Sunday, March 3rd
JamFEST Jam Bash Nationals
Blue Team Only

Monday, March 4th
JLC Media Day
All Teams

Quote of the Week ...

"You should recognize that criticism is not always a put down.  If you take it to heart, maybe it will guide the way you ought to be going." ~ Joseph Flom