Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekly Newsletter: July 2013, Vol 1

Coming up this week ... 

Monday, July 1st
  • Cheer Practice
    • Wirth Park - grassy area near the large lodge and pool entrance
      • K - 4th Grade: 5:30- 6:30pm
      • 5th - 8th Grade: 6:00 - 7:00pm
      • Titanium: 7:00 - 7 :30pm
      • All team members to wear a RED shirt and any color shorts.

Wednesday, July 3rd
  • Titanium Stunting Class (Invitation Only)

Thursday, July 4th

Happy 4th of July!

  • City of Brookfield Independence Day Parade
    • Arrival & Pick-Up Times and Locations
      • Please arrive at 9:30am at BCHS in the front parking lot on Gebhardt Rd.  Locate the BCHS sign on Gebhardt and we'll be right behind it in the parking lot.
      • Pick up will be on the east end of the Post Office parking lot on Civic Drive.
    • What to Wear
      • Please wear your white JLC spiritwear tee, black shorts, cheer shoes with no show white socks, and hair up in a high ponytail.  Girls that participate in the parade will receive a cheer bow when they arrive that morning.
      • Please apply sunscreen before arriving!  Please also go to the restroom before arriving!  The closest open restroom will be at City Hall.
    • A handout will be distributed at practice tomorrow with the BCHS map and parade route.
    • I am aware of the following absences on July 4th:  Ainsley R, Ainsley T, Allie K, Breanne, Brooke, Elizabeth,  Jenna and Natalie.  I am expecting all other athletes to be in attendance at the parade.  Please email me ASAP if this isn't correct.
    • The parade route is just 1.5 miles long, and we are in need of 2 - 3 parents to walk with us.  Let me know if you're interested!
    • Please note - Calhoun Road will be closed to traffic at 9:30am!

Friday, July 5th
  • Summer Team Tumbling

Important Announcements ...

New Uniform Fittings
  • New uniforms will be fitted on Monday, July 15th from noon - 1pm at Heat Athletics.
  • Payment is due in full at the time of your order.  Shells are $115, skirts are $70, and bodyliners are $45.  Boy cut briefs can also be purchased for $15.
  • No appointment is necessary - Sapphire team members will stay after their choroegraphy and Titanium members arrive early for your choreography.
  • Uniforms are custom made and will take 6 - 8 weeks to arrive.  All uniforms are shipped to Coach's house and will be distributed at practice once your complete order has arrived.

JLC Car Decals and Baseball Caps
  • We have a limited number of JLC car decals and baseball caps for sale for $5 each.
  • Contact Coach if you'd like to purchase one!

Choreography Dates - CONFIRMED!

  • All team choreography will take place at Heat Athletics in Sussex.  While there is a parent waiting area, the gym will be closed to viewing.  
  • Choreography is split into three sessions, and attendance is mandatory at each session.
  • It is extremely important that each and every team member attend choreography.  They will be learning their specific role in choreography, and if they aren't there, there is no one there to learn their role.  Their stunt group will also suffer because they will be short a team member, and be unable to learn their stunts.
  • Sapphire (Grades 2 - 5)
    • Sunday, July 14th: 10am - 2pm
      • Wear a HOT PINK t-shirt and black shorts!
    • Monday, July 15th:  9am - Noon
      • Wear a ROYAL BLUE t-shirt and black shorts!
    • Tuesday, July 16th:  9am - Noon
      • Wear your white spirit wear t-shirt and black shorts!
  • Titanium (Grades 6 - 8)
    • Sunday, July 14th:  3 - 7pm
      • Wear a HOT PINK t-shirt and black shorts!
    • Monday, July 15th:  1 - 4pm
      • Wear a NEON YELLOW t-shirt and black shorts!
    • Tuesday, July 16th:  1 - 4pm
      • Wear your white spirit wear  t-shirt and RED shorts!
  • Please feel free to utilize the competition team rosters to facilitate carpools for choreography.

Season Calendar Updated!
  • Please be sure to cross-reference the JLC calendar with your home/family calendars.  I have received the 2013-2014 WHMS "No-Use" dates, and some practices have been removed or rescheduled.  New dates and events have been added as well.

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Quote of the Week ...

"Cheerleading is all about the positive.  Our job is to inspire, motivate, and electrify.  Any fool can feel good when you're winning.  But when you're down 27 points in the 4th quarter?  That's when you gotta ask yourself, who you gonna call?" ~ Christina Milan in "Man of the House"