Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekly Newsletter: December 2013, Vol 1

Cheerleader of the Week …

Cheerleader of the Week

  • Meghan, 7th Grade
  • JLC Cheerleader since 2009
  • Favorite authors: Rick Riordan, JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Brandon Mull, Erin Hunter
  • Favorite movie: Frozen, Breaking Dawn Part 2, Iron Man 3, the Avengers
  • Favorite musicians: One Direction, Selena Gomez, R5, Carrie Underwood
  • Favorite food:  Mac n cheese and chocolate ice cream/custard
  • Personal goals for the season:  to become a better all around cheerleader, stick my round off back handspring full, and to keep stretching to perfect my heel stretch and needle
  • What does team mean to you: Team means putting aside your individual wants/needs and coming together as a whole to accomplish your desired prize.

Coming Up This Week  

Sunday, December 1st
  • No Titanium Practice - Heat Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

Monday, December 2nd
  • Sapphire Cheer Practice @ WHMS
    • 5:30 - 6:30pm
    • All team members to wear a blue tee and black shorts
    • Mat Duty - please arrive at 5:15pm: Allie, Elizabeth, Isabella
  • Titanium Cheer Practice @ WHMS
    • 6:30 - 8:30pm
    • All team members to wear a blue tee and black shorts
    • Mat Duty: Ana, Andrea, Mia, Yasi
    • Extra mat: Reagan & Payton

Wednesday, December 4th
  • Sapphire Cheer Practice @ WHMS
    • 5:30 - 6:30pm
    • All team members to wear a white tee and blue shorts
    • Mat Set-Up - please arrive at 5:15pm: Alyson, Jenna, Pickles
    • Mat Clean-Up: Allie, Anna, Isabella
  • Titanium Cheer Practice @ Heat
    • 7:00 - 9:00pm
    • All team members to wear their white 2013 BC Cheer Clinic tee and blue shorts

Thursday, December 5th
  • Titanium Cheer Practice @ Heat
    • 5:30 - 6:30pm
    • All team members to wear a pink or green tee and black shorts
  • Titanium Team Dinner @ Noodles & Co on Capitol Drive
    • 6:30 - 7:45pm
    • All team members to pay for their own meals

Friday, December 6th
  • No Tumbling Practice
    • This was not a regularly scheduled tumbling day, so there will be no make-up day for this day
  • Titanium Cheer Practice @ WHMS
    • Practice will be held if needed, anytime between 6 - 9:30pm 
    • Practice will be confirmed by the end of practice on 12/5
    • If practice is held, 6th & 7th grade will set up the mats, and 8th grade will clean up the mats.

Saturday, December 7th
  • UCA Milwaukee Championship - Titanium Only
    • Wisconsin Center, 400 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI
    • Confirmed arrival time:  3pm.  Meet at the skywalk entrance to the Wisconsin Center on the Upper Level (see this PDF - our meeting location is the upper left corner of the PDF in yellow that says Skywalk to Hilton).  
    • Best place to park is the Hilton parking structure as it is connected via skywalk to the convention center so you won't have to go outside.  The entrance is on Kilbourn Ave.  Another good place to park is the Wisconsin Center surface parking lot - the entrance is on Wisconsin Avenue, just after you cross over N. 4th Street, on the left side of the street.
    • Confirmed performance times will be shared with all team members as soon as they have been released, but no later than Tuesday, December 3rd.  Please don't email Coach asking for our performance time - if you haven't received the confirmed times yet, neither has Coach.
    • Arrive fully dressed from head to toe (shell, skirt, black boy cut briefs, black sports bra, white no show socks, hair up in high ponytail with cheer bow).  Cheer shoes can be carried in.  Make up policy in full effect, no jewelry or bobby pins whatsoever.
    • Spectator admission: $10 adults, $5 children

Birthdays this Week 
  • December 1st ~ Happy 13th Birthday Meghan!

Important Announcements 

    Mat Duty Reminders
    • Team members with assigned mat duty are responsible for moving the mats to/from the stage in the gym to the cafeteria. ALL team members are responsible for helping to roll out the mats and put the velro strips on upon arrival to practice (or helping to roll up and put the covers on after practice).
    • If there is no one in the gym, all mats can be moved through the gym to the cafeteria and back.  If there are teams present in the gym, only the 3 large mats can be moved through the gym to the cafeteria and back.  The 6 remaining smaller mats must be moved through the hallways to the gym/cafeteria.
    • A sapphire parent is required to assist with mat set-up duty with their child because they are not strong enough to move the mats on their own.

    Master Calendar Updated
    • Per the team emails sent on Friday, November 15th to all current JLC families, our master calendar has been updated to reflect the new Sapphire & Titanium practice schedules.
    • Our online master calendar with all events can be found here.

    Quote of the Week …

    "Cheerleading develops the skills that last a lifetime: Leadership, determination, commitment, and support for those you cherish through all of life's seasons.

    Focusing on others feels good.
    You learn that in cheerleading.

    Providing leadership with your actions, your words, your thoughts, your hopes and dreams.
    You learn that in cheerleading.

    Being an advocate for those who don't always have a voice.
    You learn that in cheerleading.

    Knowing that a loss today isn't indicative of the future successes or failures.
    You learn that in cheerleading.

    Optimism is essential.
    You learn that in cheerleading.

    Hard work pays off.
    You learn that in cheerleading.

    Attitudes are contagious.
    You learn that in cheerleading.

    These are all principles you learn in cheerleading."

    ~ Jenni Parrish, National Cheerleaders Association Creative Director