Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Outdoor Practices & Wisconsin Weather

What a great rainy day we've woken up to!  As we practice outdoors, please be assured that the weather is something I keep a very close eye on.  On questionable weather days, I am constantly checking the weather throughout the day via, including their forecasted weather for our practice times and their radar to see what weather is happening in our specific area.  Time permitting, I will also head out to Wirth Park to check the condition of the fields.  Decisions to cancel outdoor practices are made by 4pm for football practices, and 5pm for competition practices.  In my 6 years of doing this, Wisconsin weather can change so frequently which is why I wait until 1.5 hours prior to practice to make a final decision.

If practice is cancelled due to the weather, the cancellation will be broadcast via text message, email, AND it will be posted on our website by 4:15pm for football practice and 5:15pm for competition practice.  Please wait for these times before contacting me to see if practice will be cancelled.
If practice is NOT cancelled, and you do not feel comfortable sending your daughter to practice, just send me an email letting me know.

Rest assured that your child's safety is my first and foremost concern!  I would never ask families of anything that I am not comfortable of for my own family.  

Thank you for your time - I will be in touch later this afternoon regarding the decision about practice this afternoon.

Coach Uhrle