Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekly Newsletter: July 2014, Vol 1

Photo of the Week ...

Spirit Stick Honorees of the Week!
A - Katy, B - Brenda, C - Betty, D - Sophia
Congratulations girls!

Coming Up This Week ...

Tuesday, June 30th
  • Football Spirit Squad Practice
    • 5:30 - 6:30pm at Wirth Park
    • Approved absences: Avril, Brooke, Ellie, Emily, Kendall
  • Competition Team Practice
    • 6:30  - 7:30pm at Wirth Park
    • Approved absences: Ainsley, Avril, Brooke
  • Marcus Majestic Movie Theater Fundraiser Begins!
    • This fundraiser will run June 30th through July 11th.  Tickets will be distributed at cheer practice on July 17th.
    • Orders forms have been emailed to all families on Sunday, June 29th.

Thursday, July 3rd

  • Football Spirit Squad Practice
    • 5:30 - 6:30pm at Wirth Park.  
    • Approved absences: Alena, Briana, Emily, Kendall, Mackenzie, Mia, Molly
  • Competition Team Practice
    • 6:30  - 7:30pm at Wirth Park
    • Approved absences: Mackenzie, Mia, Molly

Friday, July 4th

  • City of Brookfield Independence Day Parade
    • Known absences: Briana, Elaina, Elizabeth, Katelyn, Kendall, Mackenzie, Mia, Molly, Sophia.  Coach is expecting everyone else to participate in the parade!
    • Arrival Time - 9:30am at Brookfield Central High School.  We are group #43!  You must remember this number!  This is how the parade volunteers will be able to tell you where to find us!  
    • I recommend families park at the safety building, library or Ruby Isle, then walk their daughters to BCHS.  The streets will close promptly at 9:30am.
    • Girls should wear their light pink spirit wear tee, jean shorts and closed toe athletic shoes.  All hair should be up in a high straight ponytail with the hot pink and white polka dot cheer bow.  Cheerleaders can wear earrings (studs only, no dangling earrings) and sunglasses if they wish.  If you do not own the spirit wear tee or hot pink and white cheer bow, please wear a light pink shirt and any cheer bow.
    • The parade will begin at Brookfield Central High School, travel west to Gebhardt Road to Calhoun Road, then north on Calhoun Road to North Avenue, then west on North Avenue Norhardt, then south on Norhardt - approximately 1.5 miles.  
    • Our group will continue to walk south on Norhardt then turn east on Civic Drive and will end at the Post Office (main post office parking lot entrance by the gas station).  K - 4th grade parents must meet their daughter at this point - 5th - 8th grade cheerleaders will be permitted to leave on their own to find their parents.  Please be sure to communicate with your daughter where to meet you!!
    • I will have popsicles for the girls at the end of the parade - parents are encouraged to meet their daughters with water bottles!
    • Please be sure to apply sunscreen before dropping your daughter off AND take her to the restroom - there are no open restrooms at BCHS, so there is no where we can take your daughter if she needs to use the restroom!
    • An ice cream social, lemonade and ceremony follows the parade in the Civic Plaza next to Civic Hall.
  • City of Brookfield Family Fest
    • We've had an informal gathering of JLC families at Family Fest over the past few years - everyone is welcome to come out and join us!  The girls enjoy hanging out with one another, and the parents have a great time too :)
    • Family Fest starts at 6pm at Mitchell Park with Fireworks at 9:15pm.
    • There will be food vendors, inflatable houses, two magic shows, a live band - and the best part is admission is free!
    • Once you get to the park, text me and I'll be able to guide you to our exact location.  We've typically stayed in the grassy area just east of the playground.
    • Each family brings their own blankets, chairs, snacks, beverages, etc.
  • No Summer Team Tumbling Today! 

Birthdays This Week ...
  • June 29th ~ Happy Birthday Ariana!

Important Announcements 

  • JLC families have raised over $700 in profit from our three fundraisers so far this season!  Participating in fundraisers are a great way to "pay yourself back" for your annual tuition fees.
  • Our current fundraiser is the Marcus Theater Movie Ticket fundraiser which runs June 30th through July 11th.  More information was emailed to all families on June 29th.

Mandatory Stunt Camp for Sapphire and Titanium
  • July 8 - 11th from 1 - 4pm each day at Heat Athletics in Sussex.
  • $85 payable to Heat Athletics is due on the first camp day.
  • This camp is mandatory for all competitive team members.  We will be stunting in your official competition stunt groups and if you are absent, you may not be placed into a stunt group for choreography.
  • We will have a specific dress code for each camp day.  Specific color t-shirts that will be worn are pink, blue, green, and red.  Black shorts will be worn each day.  What color to wear on each day will be shared in the July 6th newsletter.
  • Please utilize your team rosters to set up carpools :)
  • Competitive team members will not need to report for football cheer practice on July 8th and 10th.  You are encouraged to stay home and rest up!

  • Please communicate via email all planned vacations that may conflict with cheer at your earliest convenience.  Known absences are posted on our master calendar found here.  This is your way of confirming that Coach is aware of your upcoming absence. 
  • Advance notice of absences is required and greatly appreciated so that coaches can plan practices accordingly.

Cheer Resources
  • We have some great cheer resources on our website for cheerleaders and their parents.  They are posted in the Cheer Corner and Parent Corner sections of our website on the mid-lower right column.  

Quote of the Week …

"Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition in life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation and freedom in all just pursuits." ~ Thomas Jefferson