Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekly Newsletter: June 2014, Vol 2

Photo of the Week ...

Our first event of the season!
UCA Cheer Camp!

Coming Up This Week ...

All Week
    • Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Fundraiser
      • Fundraiser packets are available for pick up any time at Coach's house beginning at noon on Sunday June 8th.  Forms will be placed online for download at noon by Monday, June 9th.
      • This fundraiser will run through Monday, June 16th, with final orders and payment due at our first practice on Tuesday, June 17th.  All orders will be delivered to JLC the week of July 14th. 
      • Profit percentages are a sliding scale dependent upon how many total items we sell as an entire program.  The more we sell, the more we'll earn!  
      • Each seller will have individual order payments written out to their mom or dad.  
      • All sellers must email their total amount sold (items, not dollar amount) and email Coach by 7pm on June 16th.  Coach will then tally our program's total items sold, and communicate our profit margin to participating families.   Parents will then calculate their own personal profit, and write one check to JLC less any profits.  For example, if we sell 100 tubs, we will earn 15% profit.  You personally sell 10 tubs at $10 a tub.  You will collect $100 in payments from your buyers, and write JLC a check for $85 ($100 actual cost - $15 profit = $85 total due to JLC).
      • Fundraisers are a GREAT way to "pay yourself back" for cheerleading tuition fees, tumbling classes, or even put money away to pay for next season's tuition!
      • Email Coach at with any questions or concerns.

    Birthdays This Week ...
    • June 11th ~ Happy Birthday Kendall!
    • June 13th ~ Happy Birthday Sami!

    Important Announcements 

    Summer Camp Recap

    • We had a great time at UCA Camp on June 7th!  The girls worked extremely hard to learn their half-time cheer and dance, and had lots of fun meeting their new teammates and working with JLC and UCA staff.
    • Photos and videos have been posted at our online media gallery:  Enjoy!

    Family Outing to Six Flags Great America
    • NEW DATE - Saturday, June 28th
    • 6th - 8th grade will be permitted to be at the park without a parent or guardian.
    • 5th grade and under must have a parent/guardian/chaperone with them at all times.
    • As this is a family outing/social event, JLC will NOT provide any supervision of any athlete!  If you choose to send your 6th - 8th grade daughter to the park on your own, it is recommended that you ask another adult in attendance to be your daughter's on-site contact for any situations that may arise.
    • Each family must purchase their own tickets.  We will send out emails to assist with carpools for 6th - 8th grade girls traveling without a parent/guardian (if you can start looking into your own carpools now, that would be great!)

    Team Rosters
    • Team rosters will be emailed to all families on Monday, June 9th.  
    • Contact information on team rosters are to be used for team business only.  Feel free to utilize the rosters to set up carpools for practice, events, choreography, etc.
    • The rosters should not be used for solicitation purposes, non-JLC events, invitations to home parties, etc.
    • All official JLC communication will continue to be distributed via our weekly newsletter posted on our website, each Sunday.

    • Please communicate via email all planned vacations that may conflict with cheer at your earliest convenience.  Known absences are posted on our master calendar found here.  This is your way of confirming that Coach is aware of your upcoming absence. 
    • Advance notice of absences is required and greatly appreciated so that coaches can plan practices accordingly.

    Football Spirit Squad - Additional Uniform/Equipment Orders
    • We are accepting orders now through June 20th for the following items:
      • REQUIRED:  Black V-Neck Bodyliner.  All families are required to provide their own black v-neck long sleeve top to be worn underneath the uniform shell.  You can purchase one through our uniform vendor via the order form, or purchase one on your own.
      • REQUIRED:  Cheer Shoes.  All families are required to provide their own all white cheer shoe.  You can purchase cheer shoes through our uniform vendor via the order form, or purchase them on your own.  Please note - the shoes listed on the order form are recommendations only, you are welcome to purchase any brand of all white cheer shoe.  COMPETITION CHEERLEADERS are highly encouraged to purchase Nfinity or V-Ro cheer shoes (these are NOT listed on the order form - email Coach for more information).  Competition Top Girls are REQUIRED to purchase Nfinity or V-Ro cheer shoes.
      • OPTIONAL:  Poms.  JLC will provide a pair of poms to each football cheerleader to use at football games.  A few families asked about the option to purchase their own poms, so I have made them available for purchase.  You will receive 1 royal blue and 1 white pom with your purchase. 
    • Complete this order form and return with your payment payable to JLC by June 20th.
    • These items will be ready for pick up at a practice in early to mid-July.  
    • Uniforms (shell, skirt, briefs) and hoodies will be available for pick-up at a practice in late August.

    Sapphire Competitive Team Registration
    • We are continuing to look for girls currently in 4th & 5th grades to join our incredibly talented Junior Recreational Team - Sapphire.  There are no tryouts to join Sapphire!
    • While on-time registration closes on June 1st, we will continue to accept registrations for Sapphire through July 1st.

    Summer Team Tumbling
    • Registration for our Summer Team Tumbling classes are now open.  Summer tumbling classes are optional, but encouraged.
    • Summer team tumbling will be held at Midwest Twisters in Hartland.  Classes are $11 each and are payable in advance.  Please note - if you are traveling this summer, you can prepay just the dates that you will be attending.
    • Classes will be held at Midwest Twisters in Hartland on Fridays beginning June 20th.
    • Download the Summer Team Tumbling registration form here.
    • A $20 annual registration fee payable to Elite Tumbling LLC is required with your summer tumbling registration.

      Quote of the Week …

      "We can't be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don't have something better.” ~ C. Joy Bell