Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekly Newsletter: July 2014, Vol 4

Photo of the Week ...

JLC Competitive Teams had a great time at stunt camp!

Coming Up This Week ...

Tuesday, July 22nd

Thursday, July 17th

Friday, July 18th
  • Summer Team Tumbling Class 5 of 9

Birthdays This Week ...
  • July 21st ~ Happy Birthday Olivia!
  • July 24th ~ Happy Birthday Ana and Coach Uhrle!
  • July 26th ~ Happy Birthday Marisa and Jr Coach Chelsea!

Important Announcements 

JLC - Heart of a Champion Contest!

  • While we are on summer break from July 22nd - August 11th, we will run a fun contest for all team members!  Team members are encouraged to work out and stay fit during our summer break - to enter the contest, follow all three of the following simple steps:
    • Post a photo or video of you doing a healthy physical activity on your (or your parent's) Instagram account
    • Tag @juniorlancercheer in the photo
    • Add hastag in the photo/video description:  #JLCHeartofaChampion
  • You may post up to one photo/video per day, up to 4 per week, for a maximum of 12 photos/videos.
  • Each photo/video will earn you one entry into a special drawing to earn a very cool prize that Coach will bring back with her from Hawaii!  We will hold the drawing at football practice on August 14th.
  • For team members without an Instagram account, have your parent email your photo to each day that you work out.  You will receive one entry per email per day, up to 4 per week, for a maximum of 12 entries.

Competitive Team Choreography
  • Choreography is confirmed for Tuesday August 12th, Wednesday August 13th, and Thursday August 14th at Tonawanda Elementary School (13605 Underwood River Parkway, Elm Grove)
    • Sapphire: 7am - 10am (yes, 7am!)
    • Titanium: 11am - 2:30pm
  • All competitive team members are expected to attend all 3 days of choreography in their entirety.  If you miss any part of choreography, you will not be choreographed into the section that we are learning!

Quote of the Week …

"If you want it, work for it.  It's that simple." ~ Author Unknown