Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekly Newsletter: September 2014, Vol 2

Coming Up This Week ...

Sunday, September 7th
  • Titanium Team Practice @ Heat Athletics
    • 5 - 7pm
    • Dress code: royal blue shirt, black shorts.  Bring running shoes & cheer shoes.

Monday, September 8th
  • Sapphire Practice @ Tonawanda Elementary School
    • 5:30 - 7pm
    • Mat Set-Up: Donoghue & Taipala (arrive at 5:15pm)
    • Mat Clean-Up: Gagliano & Kumer
    • Dress code: royal blue shirt, black shorts.  Bring running shoes & cheer shoes.
  • Invite Only Tumbling @ Tonawanda Elementary School
    • 6 - 7pm
    • By invitation only - for competitive cheerleaders with choreographed tumbling of BHS or higher.
  • Optional Football Spirit Squad Practice @ Tonawanda Elementary School
    • 6:15 - 7pm
    • Meet on the basketball courts on the west side of the building/parking lot.  Jr Coach Lexi and Jr Coach Reagan will run the football spirit squad practices.
  • Titanium Practice @ Heat Athletics
    • 8 - 9pm
    • Dress code: white shirt, blue shorts.  No running shoes needed.
    • Bring $42 check payable to Heat Athletics
  • Community Day Fundraiser Begins
  • Holiday Friends Catalog Fundraiser Ends

Wednesday, September 10th
  • Sapphire Team Practice @ Tonawanda Elementary
    • 5:30 - 7pm
    • Mat Duty: Donoghue & Kumer (arrive at 5:15pm)
    • Dress code:  white shirt, blue shorts.  Bring running shoes & cheer shoes.
  • Titanium Team Practice @ Tonawanda Elementary
    • 6:45 - 8:45pm
    • Mat Duty: Crow & Mohomes
    • Dress code:  red shirt, black shorts.  Bring running shoes & cheer shoes.

Friday, September 12th
  • Jr Lancer Recognition Night @ BC Varsity Football
    • This event is for all Junior Lancer Cheerleaders.  Mandatory for competitive team members, optional for Football Spirit Squad only cheerleaders.
    • Arrival time: 6:30pm - meet on the grassy area at the southwest end of the track.
    • What to wear: FULL UNIFORM from head to toe!
    • All cheerleaders will cheer for the first quarter, alongside our amazing BC Cheer squad.  At the end of the 1st quarter, football only cheerleaders will be dismissed.  A B & C girls will leave on their own to find their parents - please be sure to set up a pre-determined meeting point!  D girls will be handed off to a parent - please be on time and meet me at the small gate opening to the track (same gate the girls entered the track for their Saturday football game.
    • Competitive cheerleaders will stay to cheer for the 2nd quarter, then will be released at halftime.

Saturday, September 13th
  • A Squad Football Game at Brookfield Central HS
    • Arrival at 8:30am
  • B & C Squad Football Game at Brookfield Central HS
    • Arrival at 10am
    • Coach Uhrle will be taking three competitive stunt groups to a UCA camp, and we will be leaving after halftime.  Mrs. Crow, B Squad Team Manager & JLC Leadership Advisory Board Member, will be acting Head Coach in my absence.
  • D Squad Football Game at Brookfield Central HS
    • Arrival at 1:30pm
    • Coach Allison & Coach Ceci will be coming from their ACT exams, so for this game only, arrival is at 1:30pm.
    • Coach Uhrle will not be at the D Squad game - Coach Allison & Coach Ceci will be acting Head Coaches in my absence.
    • Thank you Mrs. Kowalewski for running our halftime music!
  • UCA Stunt Camp @ New Berlin Eisenhower High School
    • 12:30 - 5pm
    • Predetermined cheerleaders only: Ana, Arianna, Eva, Hazel, Katelyn, Katy, Kierra, Megan, Meghan, Molly, Morgan, Pickles.
    • Dress code: pink JLC tee, black shorts, pink & white polka dot cheer bow, cheer shoes.
    • Bring your completed liability waiver and $25 check payable to UCA.  Also bring water bottles and snacks.

Birthdays this Week ...
  • September 8th ~ Happy Birthday Kierra!
  • September 12th ~ Happy Birthday Eva!

Important Announcements 

Photo Proofs & Ordering
  • Key codes will be handed out to all Jr Lancer Cheerleaders at their first practice this week for parents to view and order their cheerleader's individual and team photos online.

How'd You Like To Own Your Own Cowbell?
  • Our cowbells were so popular at the game this past Saturday that you will be able to purchase your very own cowbell at this Saturday's game!
  • Cowbells will be sold for $3 each.  No need to email your desire to purchase one, just see our team managers at the game to purchase your very own shiny blue Lancer cowbell :)

Community Day Fundraiser
  • This is our best fundraiser of the year!  
  • Sell coupon books for $5 and earn $5!  That's 100% profit!
  • Cheerleaders will be able to sign out books in sets of 20 ($100 value) beginning Monday, September 8th.

Theme of the Week ...


It has been said that the line between childhood and adulthood is crossed when we move from saying "It got lost" to "I lost it".

Indeed, being accountable - and understanding and accepting the role our choices play in the things that happen - are crucial signs of emotional and moral maturity.  That's why responsibility is one of the main pillars of good character.

Many people have been seduced by the Peter Pan philosophy of refusing to grow up and avoiding the burdens implied in being acceptable.  Yes, responsibility sometimes requires us to do things that are unpleasant or even frightening.  It asks us to carry our own weight, prepare and set goals, and exercise the discipline to reach our aspirations.

But the benefits of accepting responsibility far outweigh the short-lived advantages of refusing to do so. No one makes his or her life better by avoiding responsibility.  In fact, irresponsibility is a form of self-imposed servitude - to circumstances and to other people.

Responsibility is about our ability to respond to circumstances and to chose the attitudes, actions, and reactions that shape our lives.  It is a concept of power that puts us in the driver's seat.  The grand panorama of the potential of our lives can only be appreciated when we begin to be accountable and self-reliant.

Responsible people not only depend on themselves, but show others that they can be depended on.  This breeds trust, and trust is a key that opens many doors.

If you want more control over your life, and the pleasures, prerogatives, and power of freedom and independence, all you have to do is be responsible.

~ Written by Michael Josephson