Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weekly Newsletter: August 2015, Vol 2

Coming Up This Week ...

Tuesday,  August 11th

  • Competitive Team Practice 
    • NEW TIME 5:30 - 6:30pm AND 7:30 - 7:45pm at Wirth Park
    • Known absences:  Emma, Grace
  • Football Spirit Squad Practice
    • NEW TIME 6:30 - 7:30pm at Wirth Park
    • Known absences:  Emma, Grace, Isabella O

Thursday, August 13th
  • All Teams - No Cheer Practice Today due to Wisconsin Association of Cheer & Pom Coaches Regional Meeting

Friday, August 14th
  • JLC Team Tumbling Summer Class #7 of 9
    • 6 - 7pm at Midwest Twisters Hartland
    • Absent: Grace, Lily, Melanie

Saturday, August 15th
  • Lancer Nation Media Day
    • Brookfield Central High School Football Stadium
    • Meet at 10:30am at the new concessions pavilion.  If you are late, you will need to find us in the stadium.
    • Attendees:  Ainsley R, Ainsley T, Angelina, April, Avril, Brenda, Briana, Caroline, Cecelia, Cori, Cristina, Elizabeth, Emma, Eva, Gabby Jo, Gaby, Grace, Hailey, Jenna, Kierra, Laci, Lily M, Mackenzie, Madilyn, Mia, Molly, Morgan, Nica, Olivia, Sara, Sarah, Shaelyn, Shania, Sofia, Tirzah
    • Not attending:  Everyone not listed above.
    • Wear your uniform shell, skirt, black boycut briefs, no show white socks, all white cheer/athletic shoes.  Hair should be up in a high centered ponytail.  The football cheer bow should lay flat on the head, and not standing up like a bow on a present.  Remove all jewelry.
  • Lancer Nation Drive 4 UR School Event
    • Come test drive a Soren's Ford car before or after Media Day!
    • Your efforts will award the BC Athletic Booster Club $10, the BC Cheer Program $10, AND you will receive a complimentary one-day UCA cheer camp registration for your cheerleader in June 2016*!  
    • *The cheer camp offer applies only to current 2015-16 cheerleaders that will return to cheer in 2016-17.
    • Thank you to the following families for signing up to test drive a car: Betts, Crow, Firmiss, Gagliano, Kennedy, Larson, Martin, Meves, Ruedt, Smith, and Somlai.  Your support is greatly appreciated!  If you're willing to help, please let me know so I can add you to our priority list!

Important Announcements

  • August Schedule Change
    • At practice last Thursday, cheerleaders in attendance received a handout with the updated August practice schedule.  
    • 5 of 6 Jr Coaches are Varsity Cheerleaders, and their August practice and game schedule was changed by their coach last week Wednesday, which meant our practice schedule needed to change as well.  
    • Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.
    • For the complete schedule please view our master calendar.
  • September/October Football Game Schedule
    • The football game schedule has not been released.  Please continue to reserve your Saturdays for football games.  
    • TBD game times are as follows:
      • A Squad: 8:30a - 10:30a
      • B Squad:  Hold 8:30a - Noon
      • C Squad:  Hold 8:30a - 1:30p
      • D Squad:  Hold 8:30a - 3p
      • The large time frames for the younger squads are TBD times - if their corresponding Jr Lancer football team is playing at an away game, we will combine a younger team to cheer with an older team that is playing at home.  They will only cheer at one game (a two hour time commitment) within the larger time frame.  If a younger team is combined to cheer with an older team, we will do our best to have them perform their halftime performance, but may not always be able to do so due to time constraints.
    • As soon as the football schedule is released, I will confirm exact times with everyone.  

Upcoming Events ...

  • BCABC Annual Golf Outing
    • The Brookfield Central Athletic Booster Club will be holding their annual Golf Outing on August 16th at Ironwood Golf Course.
    • If you love to golf, sign up for a foursome and enjoy a great day of golf, followed by a cocktail reception, a silent auction, live entertainment, and dinner!
    • Don't like to golf - you can join us for the silent auction, live entertainment and dinner!
    • Coach is heading up volunteers for the event - if you're interested in a great day of fun on the course, please let me know.  We have a variety of volunteers spots available and I'd love your help!
    • For more information, please visit this link.  Sponsorship opportunities are also available!
    • When you register, please be sure to indicate you are a Lancer Cheer parent!