Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekly Newsletter: July 24, 2016

Coach Michelle's Reflections & Photo of the Week ...

Thank you all so much for the great support
at our Jersey Mike's Dine Out Night last week!
We appreciate you!

Coming Up This Week ...

Tuesday, July 26th
  • Game Team Practice
    • 5:30 - 7pm
    • Known Absences: Cecelia, Elizabeth, Kierra, Marisa
  • Competitive Team Practice
    • 7 - 7:30pm
    • Known Absences: Cecelia, Elizabeth, Kierra

Thursday, July 28th
  • Game Team Practice
    • 5:30 - 7pm
    • Known Absences: Claire, Gianna, Kierra
  • Competitive Team Practice
    • 7 - 7:30pm
    • Known Absences: Claire, Kierra

Friday, July 29th
  • Summer tumbling Class #6 of 10
    • 5:30 - 6:30pm

Birthdays this Week ...

  • July 21st ~ Happy Belated Birthday Olivia!
  • July 26th ~ Happy Birthday Marisa!
  • July 28th ~ Happy Birthday Gianna!

Call to Action ....

  • Remind App
    • Please be sure you have subscribed to our Remind App.  As in the case of this past Thursday's storm that came through during practice, you will only receive notice that practice has been cancelled or is ending early if you are subscribed to the JLC Remind App.
    • To subscribe to the JLC Remind App, simply visit
    • This app allows Coach Michelle to send important text messages to all families within seconds.
    • One important note - text messages received via Remind will come to you as "JLC Coach Michelle: message here".  If you receive this type of text, do not reply back to the text.  Coach Michelle will not see your message until she goes back into the app, which may not be for days until she sends the next message.  Always text Coach Michelle back directly to her personal mobile phone.
  • Absences
    • We are headed into our final days of summer practices, and all teams are starting to be taught their halftime choreography.  Please try to be at all remaining practices if you can.
    • Absences affect stunt groups - if one person is missing, the 3 remaining cheerleaders cannot stunt that day.  It also affects the pyramid as the entire pyramid will not be able to be practiced if one person is missing.  
    • Please email all absences to Coach Michelle instead of texting them to her as she keeps all attendance emails filed electronically.
  • State fair Parade - August 13th
    • Please RSVP YES or NO via email Coach Michelle if you are attending the State Fair Parade on Saturday August 13th in the afternoon.
    • We will be learning special choreography to include cheers, and a routine to music to include dance/jumps/stunts, so we need to know exactly who will be there.
    • Please let Coach Michelle know ASAP, but no later than Tuesday July 26th.

Upcoming Events ...
  • August 3rd - JLC Day at Yo Mama! Frozen Yogurt Ruby Isle
  • August 13th - Lancer Nation Media Day & Game Team Photos in the morning; State Fair Parade in the afternoon!
  • August 18th - JLC Night at Mooyah! Burgers at Brookfield Square
  • September 1st - First Day of School!
  • September 10th - First Football Game of the Season!
  • Visit our master online calendar for all season events!